Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jay's Sandwich Shop (Lincoln Park)

Ok, I realize that we've mostly only reviewed sandwich spots in Lincoln Park or Lakeview.  But I've got to show some love to the unsuspecting local 'wich shop near my apartment called Jay's.  On the corner of Clark and Drummond, Jay's is...simple, to say the least.  A cash register, soda-filled refrigerator, and 4 or 5 stools lined up near the window is about all you'll find.  But don't be thrown off by the vibe; Jay's KNOWS how to make sandwiches.  On to the review...

Italian Sub
(Ham, Capicola, Hard Salami, Provolone, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Lettuce, and Italian Dressing)

Upon ordering a chicken pesto sub, the friendly owner / sandwich engineer looked at me like I was crazy person.  "You're gonna come in here and order chicken??" he asked.  "Look at these Italian meats, buddy (pointing to the fresh salami and capicola on display).  I've been making subs for 23 years...try the Italian sub instead." I obliged without hesitation...and I gotta say, the man was spot on.  Fresh cut meat, cheese, and veggies on a perfectly toasted sub roll.  Need I say more?  Jay's has got the makings of a fine sandwich shop: great ingredients, sandwich variety, personality, and an owner who knows his craft.

Do yourself (and your tastebuds) a favor and check it out!