Mission Statement

Here at Eat Yo Sandwich, we have one goal; to provide you with detailed information about Chicago sandwiches to make your sandwich-eating experiences as enjoyable as possible.  We vow to scour the city for the best sandwiches, then share our experiences with the world...the good and the bad.  Because we tell it like it is.  Plain and simple.

Not only is Eat Yo Sandwich an outlet for our personal experiences, it's also intended for you, the sandwich lover, to share your own experiences, sandwich creations, suggestions, or general outlook on sandwiches.  Think of our site as a blog version of the United Nations.  Except, instead of profoundly impacting social, economic, and political issues on a global scale, we...well, we just talk about sandwiches. 

So, enjoy!  And remember...EAT YO SANDWICH.