Friday, August 3, 2012

Luke's Lobster

Imagine you're walking the streets of NYC. Everything is busy as hell, everyone's rushing around you, sirens blasting in your ears, the sun beaming on your neck, sweat dripping down your face, and all you want to do is sit down and eat a fucking sandwich. Not any sandwich, though. You're not about to walk into one of these 7-11 style convenience stores disguised as a "deli." Then, right when you're about to give up, a sign appears before you with an old lifesaver and rope hanging around it like it belongs on a dock in Maine. "LUKE'S LOBSTER," it reads.

You walk in and the sweet aroma of lobster fills your nose. Old fisherman decor is scattered around the place and some good, chill indie rock that you've never heard before plays softly from the kitchen. The menu only has a couple of things, but the main dish is obviously the Lobster Roll. It's listed at a cool $15.00. I know, I know. You're thinking "15 bucks!? That's fucking crazy, man. No way any sandwich is worth that much." Well, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. Dead wrong.

This sandwich is  5-6 inches of happiness (And yes, ladies. 5-6 inches can make you happy, too). It's a warm, fresh, toasty, buttery bun, filled to the brim with premium, [carefully] hand pulled chunks of lobster (it's not rare to see a full claw) drizzled and sprinkled with their "special sauce and spices." This sandwich is the mecca of all lobster rolls, so next time you're in NYC make SURE you get to Luke's Lobster.

Here's a picture for your drooling pleasure....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Borinquen (Humboldt Park)

EAT YO SANDWICH IS BACK.  After some much needed peer pressure, I have decided to resurrect the blog in hopes of further spreading the sandwich gospel.  The glorious array of sandwiches served here in Chicago is too magical to keep secret!

We recently visited Humboldt Park in search of the legendary Jibarito sandwich, a Puerto Rican concoction served in only a handful of eateries around the city.  Customer reviews pointed to one restaurant: Borinquen.  On to the sandwich review!

Steak Jibarito (grilled steak, lettuce, tomato, mayo, served on fried plantain)

Obviously, the Jibarito starts off sounding like your run-of-the-mill steak sandwich...that is, until you realize it's served on two generous slices fried plantain.  WHAAA?  Right now, you're probably thinking, "I bet that sandwich is awesome."  If so, you're correct.  The cooled veggies, succulent steak, and hot, crisp plantain make for a flavor explosion words cannot describe.  And don't forget to pile on some of their homemade hot sauce for an extra kick in the ass.  The folks at Borinquen also include some Puerto Rican-style rice and beans, all for a price that puts Chipotle to shame.  My only criticism is that the steak was a bit on the chewy side, but to be clear, the experience as a whole is well worth your time.  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jay's Sandwich Shop (Lincoln Park)

Ok, I realize that we've mostly only reviewed sandwich spots in Lincoln Park or Lakeview.  But I've got to show some love to the unsuspecting local 'wich shop near my apartment called Jay's.  On the corner of Clark and Drummond, Jay's is...simple, to say the least.  A cash register, soda-filled refrigerator, and 4 or 5 stools lined up near the window is about all you'll find.  But don't be thrown off by the vibe; Jay's KNOWS how to make sandwiches.  On to the review...

Italian Sub
(Ham, Capicola, Hard Salami, Provolone, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Lettuce, and Italian Dressing)

Upon ordering a chicken pesto sub, the friendly owner / sandwich engineer looked at me like I was crazy person.  "You're gonna come in here and order chicken??" he asked.  "Look at these Italian meats, buddy (pointing to the fresh salami and capicola on display).  I've been making subs for 23 years...try the Italian sub instead." I obliged without hesitation...and I gotta say, the man was spot on.  Fresh cut meat, cheese, and veggies on a perfectly toasted sub roll.  Need I say more?  Jay's has got the makings of a fine sandwich shop: great ingredients, sandwich variety, personality, and an owner who knows his craft.

Do yourself (and your tastebuds) a favor and check it out!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pastoral (East Lakeview)

I’m going to be upfront about this—"Sinfully Healthy," the name of this sandwich, is a lie. If you want to eat an actual sinfully healthy sandwich, you are probably better off staying home and making one yourself. If you want to eat a delicious sandwich that is kind of healthy, then check out Pastora and give it a try.

Normally, I’m a quasi-compulsive healthy eater. But today, I just couldn’t face another greek yogurt or cucumber/lettuce/hummus/ pita (yes, that depressing combination is my lunch everyday). So I headed over to Pastoral (Broadway & Wellington), where I knew I could at least get some fresh, organic ingredients and not that slimy, processed garbage that they serve you at Subway. On to the review!

Sinfully Healthy
(whole wheat bread, greens, turkey, chunks of buttery soft brie, mango chutney)

Essentially, this is a damn good sandwich with slightly less guilt involved for those aspiring health freaks or New Year’s resolution dieters. Let’s be real: there is so much cheese in this sandwich you won’t notice the lettuce—or possibly even the turkey. On the upside, it was so delicious I ate the whole thing before I remembered to take a picture for the blog (hence the 'google imaged' pic above).

*Note: The sandwich makers at this place are not speedy. Last time the guy making my sandwich took so long I was ready to club him with the nearest salami. However, be advised the wait it well worth it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sarks in the Park (Lincoln Park)

For as long as I've loved sandwiches, never have I witnessed one with such a storied history and loyal fan base.  The original home to the Bacon Loretta sandwich is Sarkis Cafe in Evanston, but the owners of this 55 year old establishment finally decided expand to Lincoln park in the summer of 2009.  It would be sacrilegious to write a sandwich blog and not pay homage to what is widely considered the most popular sandwich in the north shore burbs of Chicago.  On to the review!

Bacon Loretta
(Bacon, mozzarella cheese, mayo, diced tomatoes, green peppers, and onions on a french baguette)

Bacon?  Check.  Warm baguette?  Check.  Heart attack waiting to happen?  Check.  Most delicious breakfast sandwich ever created?  Absolutely.  Don't let the simplicity of the ingredients throw you's a the-whole-is-greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts type of sandwich.  Kind of like the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons.  The crisp and generous serving of bacon acts as the crux to the sandwich, while everything else just kind of gets lost in a sea of cheesy deliciousness.  To maximize your experience, order a side of cheesy hash and a Sunkist (the traditional north shore combo) won't regret it.  While the Loretta is intended to be a breakfast sandwich, it's just as good for brunch or late lunch.

A word of advice - don't plan on running or exercising the same day you consume a Bacon Loretta.  You're setting yourself up for misery (I know from experience).

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The "fier-iest" Tuna Salad you've ever had!!!!

You think you've had tuna salad?

Well, you haven't.

Not until you come home from a Talib Kweli show at 3AM in the morning, toast yourself a plain bagel, throw some fresh sliced cheddar cheese on it, then a heaping pile of the "fierman" tuna saldad on top.

Not only is this sandwich sweet, salty, savory, hot, cold, and delicious all at once, but this sandwich will begin to take over your life...

Fresh toasted plain bagel, sharp cheddar cheese, and the famous "fierman" tuna salad: tuna (preferably starkist in water), mayo, almonds(chopped), celery (chopped), seasoning, and red grapes (quartered). It will absolutely BLOW your mind. Get ready to meet the scandalous side of tuna salad ;) The more you make of it, the more amazing your life becomes.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Del Seoul (Lincoln Park)

Happy (almost) thanksgiving everybody!  In preparation for the turkey feast that will ensue tomorrow evening, I felt the need to warm up my digestive system with a hearty sandwich from the newly opened Del Seoul around the corner from my apartment.    

As a resident of the area, I can confidently say that a change in restaurant scenery was very much needed (there are only so many Pad See Ew dinners from Oodles of Noodles one can take)!  Del Seoul is a Korean fusion restaurant that blends Korean flavors with traditional and non-traditional Asian and Mexican dishes.  Yes, Mexican.  As in Korean Mexican tacos.  I tried those as well.  They are delicious.  But what intrigued me even more than the tacos on the menu were the assortment of Banh Mi sandwiches, a popular, yet simple Vietnamese treat.  I had to have one...on to the sandwich review! 

Korean Rib-Eye Steak (Bulgogi) Banh Mi
(sweet soju-marinated steak, daikon, carrots, jalapeno, cilantro, red pepper aoli on a toasted baguette)

The first bite of this sandwich told the entire story.  Sweet and succulent, followed by a rush of jalapeno spiciness!  Definitely a fine choice for those of you who like a sweet and spicy combo on your sandwiches.  The freshly crisp daikon and carrots didn't do much for the sandwich's flavor, but provided an interesting consistency which I thoroughly enjoyed.  In regards to the baguette, let me say this...sandwich bread can sometimes make or break a sandwich.  Unfortunately, this is one of those cases when the bread did more harm than good.  The toasted baguette was nothing special...and was hardly warm by the time we bit into it.  Overall, I feel like I got a pretty good sandwich for a pretty good price.  Would I go back for seconds?  Eh, maybe if I wasn't in the mood for Pad See Ew...