Saturday, December 4, 2010

The "fier-iest" Tuna Salad you've ever had!!!!

You think you've had tuna salad?

Well, you haven't.

Not until you come home from a Talib Kweli show at 3AM in the morning, toast yourself a plain bagel, throw some fresh sliced cheddar cheese on it, then a heaping pile of the "fierman" tuna saldad on top.

Not only is this sandwich sweet, salty, savory, hot, cold, and delicious all at once, but this sandwich will begin to take over your life...

Fresh toasted plain bagel, sharp cheddar cheese, and the famous "fierman" tuna salad: tuna (preferably starkist in water), mayo, almonds(chopped), celery (chopped), seasoning, and red grapes (quartered). It will absolutely BLOW your mind. Get ready to meet the scandalous side of tuna salad ;) The more you make of it, the more amazing your life becomes.

Enjoy :)

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